• Blacks Great Biblical Heritage
  • Origin of Blacks
  • Black Skin: A sign of Prosperity
  • Origin of Whites and Jews

In this book, C. McGhee Livers affirms selected scriptures from the original Greek & Hebrew manuscripts of the Old and New Testament of the Bible. As the author translated, she found details that our English translations of the Bible have not revealed.

Through scrutiny in translating, the author declares Black people’s unique heritage with the Creator, Yahweh. Black mankind is first identified at the start of the creation of man. According to Genesis 2:7, Ah-dahm was made from the dust of the ground. The word “dust” was translated from the Hebrew word aphar, which means “dust, clay, mould.” The author points out that using the word “dust” alone is an incomplete translation. It only indicates that Ah-dahm was made from the surface soil. The Hebrew word “aphar” also identifies the type of soil as “clay soil.” As we know, clay soil can be formed and shaped, whereas a sandy soil cannot. Here you can see the importance of detail in translating. In addition, the word aphar also means, “mould.” Mould is soil that is rich in humus. Soil that is rich in humus is always black or very dark brown in color.

Therefore, a Revised and Detailed Translation – RDT™ of Genesis 2:7 would be; “Yahweh, in His plural measure formed and fitted Ah-dahm of Black Clay Soil from the region and blew fire into his nostrils, the breath of the briskly alert and vigorous, and Ah-dahm existed as a living perfume.

Within the past ten years, Scientific DNÅ testing confirms Genesis 2:7 that every race on the face of the earth are offspring from the first and oldest race of people – Black People. Not only has DNÅ confirmed that which is recorded in the 4,000 year old Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament, but DNA testing also indicates that the lost of skin pigmentation in the Caucasian is a result of a molecular mutation; affirming that in the beginning, all of mankind was one race (Black) prior to the group that migrated out of Africa northward.

“We are reaching a pivotal time in history – a time that the true identity of Blacks is being revealed. An identity rich in Biblical Heritage that has been hidden for centuries” – C. McGhee Livers.

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