The Snatching AwayC. McGhee Livers has come out of obscurity to astound the World with her new book release, “The Snatching Away.” She brings understanding through the book of Revelation and other scriptures concerning the rapture, as never before witnessed in history.

The Revised and Detailed Translation – RDT™ by C. McGhee Livers, reveal details concerning Three Distinct Categories of Christians, and their appointed ranks in Heaven.

  • Will all Christians Escape the Tribulation? No!
  • Will you escape? One-third will!
  • Two-thirds will be Left Behind to Endure!
  • Learn the character one must have to Escape

This is not a time to hang in the balance as a lukewarm believer: for the Apocalypse is at hand. Don’t be left behind! Learn the facts based on the ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts translated into English by C. McGhee Livers’ Revised and Detailed Translation – RDT®

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