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C. McGee LiversShahar Publishing Company has been in business since 1999. The company was established to publish the intellectual property of C. McGhee Livers, a translator of the New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew languages.

She translates these languages into English. Her registered translation is called, Revised and Detailed Translation – RDT™ Thus Livers’ service to mankind is that she translates the text from these ancient manuscripts True to Text® In other words, Livers’ Revised and Detailed Translation™ is translated True to the Text found in both the original New Testament Greek manuscripts and the original Old Testament Hebrew manuscripts.

The content in the two books in which Shahar Publishing Company has published for Livers’ are rare and extraordinary. Her most recent book, “The Snatching Away,” reaches the literary market in June, 2011. In this book, Livers’ expounds upon the age-old question concerning The Snatching Away (rapture) of the holy and the righteous based on the 2000 year-old and 4000 year-old Greek and Hebrew manuscripts from which the English Bible was translated. She chronicles the close relationship of The Snatching Away of many of the Father, Yahweh’s people and the Apocalypse.

Livers is a sought after Greek and Hebrew language scholar. She has taught these Biblical languages at several colleges in Indianapolis, IN. She also teaches Black Biblical Heritage classes based on the ancient manuscripts of the Old Testament.  In 1993, she began to translate the original Hebrew text of the Old Testament into English. As she translated, she found astonishing details concerning Black people’s origin and heritage that are not expounded upon in the English translations of the Bible. She taught these findings in her Black History class. It was her students and friends that encouraged her to record her findings in a book. As a result, this astounding book, Biblical History of Black Mankind, has been reviving souls and breaking low self-esteem across America, the UK, and South Africa.

Biblical History of Black Mankind is a must read for all who love knowledge and understanding, and want clarity of Bible scriptures concerning the origin of mankind.

C. McGhee Livers has also founded a non-profit organization, Shahar Institute Corporation, with a mission of increasing self-worth among Blacks through Black Biblical Heritage teaching based on the ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament. In order to aid Shahar Institute Corporation in fulfilling its mission, go to www.Shahar-Institute.org and give to this worthy mission.  Bless you.

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