The Snatching Away


The Snatching AwayC. McGhee Livers has done it again. She has written a book that is destined to astound the world. Her detailed precision in translating the 4000-year-old and 2000-year-old Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Old and New Testament into English, gives insight and understanding to all readers concerning the scriptures found in the Book of Revelation as well as other books of the Bible.

Details of The Snatching Away of the people of  God (Yahweh) are systemically expounded upon  based on the ancient Biblical manuscripts from which the present day English translations of the Bible are translated. Livers scrutinizes key words in each scripture in order to maximize the detail of the life a professing Christian must live in order to be among those who will not experience physical death during the Tribulation Period.

C. McGhee Livers also chronicles the close relationship of The Snatching Away of many of God’s people and the Apocalypse, while answering an age-old question. Will born again believers be taken before the Tribulation period, during mid-tribulation, or post-tribulation? The answers, based on copies of the ancient Greek and Hebrew manuscripts of the Old and New Testament is truth in its purist form, and thus will awake the mind of the reader.

Livers’ credentials have earned her a place among the most influential individuals in the United States and across the World. One of C. McGhee Livers most honorable achievements is her induction into Leading Educators of the World -2006- in the arena of Teaching and Translating Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Presented by the Officers of the International Biographical Centre at its Headquarters in Cambridge, England and signed by the Editor-in-Chief and Director General.



Biblical History of Black Mankind

C. McGhee Livers is a sought after teacher and translator of the Greek and Hebrew Biblical languages. She has taught these languages at several colleges. As she began translating the 4000 year old Hebrew manuscripts of the Old Testament into English, she found astounding truth concerning the origin and destiny of mankind. These truths are recorded in this book, Biblical History of Black Mankind.

Livers’ credentials have earned her a place among the most influential individuals in the United States. Her achievements are published in Marquis 2003 Who’s Who In America, the leading biographical reference publisher of the highest achievers across the country and around the world.

Award Winner!

2001 “Meet the Artist” Trophy – Indianapolis Public Library

2000 Book of the Year Award – UBUS Comm System, VA

2000 Black Book Award – UBUS Comm System, Hampton VA

1999 Writers Digest Merit Award – Self Published Book Award

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