Letters to the Author:
Dear C. McGhee Livers, I just want to thank you again for being the presenter at the Christian Education Committee’s Summer Institute on Saturday, June 7. It was a joyful day in the Lord. I would be remiss if I did not tell you how wonderful the instruction was that you gave us. It was by far the best seminar we had produced. It was not only the topic that was so relevant for an African American church, but also your excited teaching style that proved so effective. And you were so scholarly, too. You are very blessed to have the kind of mind that can retain so much detail. Your understanding of Greek and Hebrew simply blew us away. You blessed us by the sharing of your gift.

Rosalynn S., Indianapolis, IN

I was thanking the Lord for this and other knowledge he has passed on to me in this hour. I do feel that we are in the last days in our world. May the Lord bless and keep you Ms Catherine Livers for sharing this knowledge with us that was given to you from the Creator, our Father in the Heavenly.

Dorothy P., Columbus, OH

Dear Madam. I was so happy to read the article concerning “The Biblical History of Black Mankind” in the Jackson Advocate, Jackson Mississippi. I will share this information with the assembly where I serve. May Abba Yahweh, Ha-Elohim bless the truth getting to our people.  Thank you.

A. Ross, St. Louis, MO

Dear Madam, Enclosed is a money order for your book “Biblical History of Black Mankind.” Let me thank you in advance for such a great work.

Eddie S., Jackson, MS

Ms. C. McGhee Livers, I am a young man whom me and my aunt briefly spoke with you concerning your awesome article. I wish to extend to you my further appreciation and admiration toward future continued Blessings from Yahweh (God)!

Scott. G., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Testimonials concerning Biblical History of Black Mankind
This book has answered many of my questions. This is the first book that I have that looks at it from the woman’s perspective, and that makes all the difference in the world. Being a woman I was very empowered by her explanation of God’s purpose for women; this book will do a lot for the self-esteem of those who can receive it.

Delores W., South Carolina

This is a thought provocative reading. I must read it again because I want to study Is.18 and then get into it again. I recommend this book for any reader. Even with the few things that I did not understand as yet, I have purchased two more copies for a couple of my relatives so we can have a study and discussion once they have finished reading it. I applaud the author for doing this work. I would like to meet her and thank her personally.

George C., Indianapolis, IN

Now this is an excellent book. I believe all mankind should read it, however, it is a must read for all people of color. In this book you will find the reasons why black mankind has had such a difficult time throughout history from the beginning to the end and many will also find peace because of our destiny.

Nettie B.

Very interesting book… I found it to be very detailed it doesn’t just give facts it breaks everything down for you… It is a book that has answered a lot of questions for me.

Tabitha, Pennsylvania